Why choose a recruitment agency

Why choose a recruitment agency?

It does not matter if your a small or large business, seeking employees with in-house recruitment is likely to be an additional task and potentially a burden to HR or the hiring manager who will need to filter through a large number of applications, schedule interviews, and respond to both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

A recruitment agent on the other hand can save you days of ‘wasted’ time shifting through applications, scheduling interviews that you only have to prepare and turn up.

Having access to a vast pool of vetted candidates, a recruitment agency will have the ability to fill your hire roles with the best possible match at short notice and managing the process smoothly – compared to in-house staff who may be inexperienced in best practice procedures.

Furthermore, by using a recruitment agent a company can reduce the cost of posting job adverts, it removes impact on in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties and most importantly it reduces the likelihood and cost of a ‘bad hire’.

Taking all these facts into consideration, now you can easily see how your company can benefit from the cost-effective and efficient services of a recruitment agency compared to traditional in-house recruiting.